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About Community Service Help

The mission of Michigan Community service is to provide an alternative method of community service that helps to rehabilitate criminal offenders using education. Education is the key to success in any community and our program teaches offenders new skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Studies have shown that rehabilitation as opposed to negative reinforcement is a significantly more powerful long term solution to any problem. With Michigan's current economic situation it is important that everyone work together to help those in need and not cause further problems in peoples lives.

With one of the nations highest unemployment rates it is especially important that people are learning and expanding their education. The skills and knowledge that our program delivers to criminal offenders can help them get a job or produce better results for their current employers.

Our charity partners truly believe that education can change people. The crime level of any community is directly proportionate to the level of it's citizens education. By educating those who have made mistakes in the past our program begins the process of teaching people about how our world works and how they can become a more positive member of their local community.

We Will Save You Money

Gas prices are rising and the economy is at a stand still. You shouldn't be wasting your hard earned money on expensive commutes, babysitters, and missing work or potentially losing your job. For 90 hours of community service it can cost almost $1,700 to complete with missed work, babysitting costs and gas. That's ridiculous! With Michigan Community Service you can do your community service on your own time without disrupting your job, family life, or anything else that is important to you. See how our program can save you a small fortune on your court ordered community service.

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